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A world, of imagination and wonder

What is this all about?

Since 2009 i have been working on a project, i always thought worldbuilding was the most exciting part of any story, so much so that i in 2009 started to work on my own. Over the years i have added and changed stuff within my world, so for quite a while i had my very own website for my world besides this one, recently i decided to close down the other website and just move all of it to my danish website instead. This is everything so far about my world and my lore within it.

What message am i trying to convey here?

I created everything in this world based on the idea that we are destroying earth, and whoever comes after us won’t be able to clean up our mess, global warming, mining and forestry is destroying earth and we don’t care. I am no greenie activist but i do think we could do things differently to preserve the way of living we have right now without destroying it for future generations. My world takes place in a time beyond our own, where the animals have taken our place and is now king of our galaxy, travelling to other worlds and making colonies along the way, how are they cleaning up our mess and what do they do, to not end up the same as us?

Am i a furry?

Yes… yes is it that obvious? i don’t mind furries are cute. Some… most people think that we furries are just sexually into the characters we create. Not always true, most furries does this because they like the worldbuilding behind it. i do it because i like just the same. Every fandom has a rotten egg or two, but please don’t put that on all of us, maybe you’d even like the world i am making here.

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