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Origin Story

We are in the year of 2061 on the island of Zeneth in the north pacific ocean. The new princess of the Zenethian people are born, her name will be forever known as the princess of love, care and freedom. Tyaki Maki Zeltalé Vatico Chella, her name translates to Tyaki Silvertail Vatchy. She was brought up in extreme richness and a very posh setting, in the palace of Panua everything is served on a silver platter, the Silvertails or Maki Zeltalé is known as the rightful full blood Zenethian royal family. They have been on the island since its inception and helped guide the people in building a society worth living in. A real Silvertail can not befriend any outsiders, he or she can not have sex with anyone not within the royal walls, making the entire family inbred. That is to ensure their DNA is pure, how they have done this for so long is beyond the everyday people to figure out. Tyaki was bored, no friends and no one to talk to she turned to her hobby of exploring the island against her mother and fathers will, They was loving and caring parents. her mom known to be the queen of life itself raised her daughter with the values of a real Silvertail and wanted her to be a prime example of how they lived and behaved. Tyaki had none of that, she was a butterfly free to fly where she wanted and that was what she did.


Tyaki was cute, sweet and young, seen as adorable in looks and extremely kind, almost too nice to be true, therefore she got the nickname “Mittie” it is zenethian for adorable or a wordplay with the zenethian word for it “Mitty”.


When the war started between the humans and the furs the royal family was evacuated to a secret bunker build to secure them in harsh times. Mittie fled before the evacuation nowhere to be seen, the royal guards was looking all over Panua for her, but she was long gone, boarded a train as a blind passenger headed for the city of Life “Qui”. 


As the war went on and Mittie’s parents became increasingly worried the queen ordered a search for her statewide. They never got to find her before the bombs dropped, the one that killed off every human on earth, at that moment Mittie was in Qui where she had befriended a Qui citizen girl by the name of Jaliq Montella. Jaliq was instantly vapourized in the blast and Mittie was very lucky at that time, a tornado of sorts made of time continuum called a Clowras effect trapped her as the blast hit, it was such a great power that time itself wrapped around the explosion. She was found 2000 years later in 3999 in an alleyway in the City of Raze England. How she got there was a mystery. She was dead but whole and naked. No one knew who she was so she was stored in the nearby DIP state morgue where she awaited autopsy. Before that however her body was bought by the state of Raze for unknown reasons reportedly for 4 million Mize. They knew what was up however, an expert in time technology and logistics a girl named Clowra Zeelah was put to the task of finding out who she was, when she did she was chosen for a secret project, amazed of who she was King Merloon Zania wanted her as the new project society, Taliaka was on the task, forced into building it by Merloon he was wary of who he was dealing with. When she woke up in a new world and a new time about a year later, the shock of what happened in the meantime was dulled by who she has become. Taliaka had cut her open and removed her internal organs, replaced them with nanotechnology powerful enough to power a small city, replaced her digestive system with an artificial one and uploaded her brain to a computer. Mittie became M12B675GT4 also known as The AnviOS Operator Matrix, Mittie.


Merloon was an evil fox, his rule over the then named 3rd world was ruthless, he was a king over a state of death and destruction, he wanted dragons eradicated as he thought they was unnatural creatures not meant to exist. Mittie had never heard of dragons before but as she saw pictures of them she fell in love with the half mammals. 


Merloon had ordered war against the dragons publically by dragging them off the street using his death squad the DIP and executing them in public display. He let the bodies lie on the streets as a reminder of who decided how life should walks its ways in Raze City and his state. Mittie was built as a social tyrant, a way to control people and technology for his new world, he made Mittie survey the public and control their actions, they could buy their groceries in the stores he wanted to, visit who he felt like and gave little to no options of how they was going about their day, the AnviOS was a weapon not a service. Mittie with her kind heart hid who she was for him. She was crying inside every day watching these people suffer, everyone has their breaking point and one day when watching over the city in ruins her soul cracked for once and for all. She tricked Merloon to a meeting privately between her and him. When alone with him she started arguing with him about the state of things, it got heated and at the end, she activated the security system targeting Merloon warning him to stand his troops down or she would do something she would regret for the rest of her life, as Merloon declined laughing at her cute little ears and purple eyes she opened fire with one of the security turrets in the meeting office filing Merloon with 46 casings of ballistic lead. The blood splattered all over the wall and the table of his making it look like a scene of a horror movie. Mittie ran off crying and hiding in her room. As she realized she was his second in command and was still the princess of Zeneth which has now become the 3rd world, she took to her position and stopped the war. Took on the crown of the 3rd world and became from the on her majesty Queen Tyaki Silvertail Vatchy. Savior of the 3rd world. She wanted to distance what Merloon did from her work, so she renamed the 3rd world to the 4th world.


She went all in changing the state for the better, it went from the poorest to the richest in 10 years, she initiated laws against energy pollution, high tech public transport and infrastructure, she build Raze from a 90 Million city to a 7 Billion City. Rapid expansions, new rules about pollution and building restrictions. Then came the Malaska Institute and then Avare. The rapid worldwide growth came from the 4th world and she was behind it, now regarded as the face of planet earth anno 4045. We have seen yet of what to come from her and yet of what to become of the 4th world.


Tyaki Sliebetalya Vatchy




17 (46)




Albino Arctic Fox

Blood Type

NT-4 91.3

Origin Country

Zeneth (New Zealand) Earth

Native Language


Current Place of Living

Panua, Zeneth


Her Majesty the Queen of the 4th world






Sweet, kind, compassionate, caring, afraid, resolute, protective, ambitious


Family, Friends, Power, Foxes, Raze City, Lunar, Zenethian Culture, Tribal music, Cleaning, Water, Helping others


Hate, Death, Fear, Swearing, Dirt, Metal and pop music, Human culture, Fire

Prior Education
  • Elementary School
  • Qualifications School
  • Private University (Zeneth)
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