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It was a clear day the 8th of April, We were in the laboratory. Soon after it was just me, Kiko left for a toilet break and i was left to watch over project society. Two guards came into the laboratory alongside Clowra, i turned around to see her as she was wearing her beautiful lab coat. She looked at me and asked the two DIP agents to leave the room, she looked at me with a happy smile and i looked her in the eyes before she asked, “Is she ready yet?” I wanted to reply but i had to look out of the observatory window before i said “Yes, she is ready now”. In reality i was scared, i had used years of my life devoted to this and everything was up to someone else now. The fear of losing my mind watching my greatest invention die, it was horrific. Clowra entered the Cathedral. it is what we call it anyway, it’s a huge all white circular room, with only a clean metal table in the center and surrounded by windows, the left side has observatory windows into our laboratory, and the right half has windows overviewing the city. Clowra removed the side of project society and the banket i had put on the lower half of the project. I took my time to read the project journal for project society in anticipation as i waited. “Subject: Tyaki Silvertail Vachy” There where information about the subject in there but nothing definitive about who i was dealing with. Clowra messed around inside of Tyaki there on the table.

I grabbed my tail and started putting my own fur into my mouth as i was in complete terror. If she died right there on the table, our species could be in danger, we were only 4 people on the project, anything could happen. I decided to keep my wings calm and act professional. I had only build her brain and some control circuit boards inside of her internal processing array, right in her chest. Her brain was the most advanced piece of technology ever to be build by anyone, it had to succeed. I jumped 10 meters as someone knocked the door, i made a mess on the floor with pieces of computer parts all over the laboratory that i had tilted from the table. I looked over at the door and yelled, “Use your ID card provided to get in!” The automatic door finally decided to open up, and in came a blue furred Meqwuicka Dragon, it was Kiko from the Malaska Institute. I looked at him and asked confidently, “Can i help you?” He looked at me and smiled, then he continued “Liquid Nukalium? I was ordered to hand some over to your classified project mr. Taliaka”, I looked a second before realizing. Clowra was still inside the cathedral, I asked him to place the dewars by the door and leave as i knew he wasn’t allowed to know what the project was about yet, state secrets at the time.

Clowra came back 10 minutes later, i had been waiting for far too long, i asked her as soon as she came back, “Nuka by the door, are you ready to fill her up?” She looked at me like i was making some kind of dirt joke and said “Yeah! She is going nowhere, i got this” I was completely confident in her ways. She grabbed a pump from a plastic bag inside of her locker, i think she had it ordered home for the occasion, It was designed for these kind of dewars. I focussed my attention on the observatory window as she walked back inside the cathedral with her trusty pump and a hand truck with one of the dewars. Soon after she signalled me with her paw, she wanted me to help her inside the cathedral. I did want to be the first thing Tyaki saw when she was started up for the first time, but at the same time i was scared of who she would be. I jumped down from the rolling chair and proceeded to the door, as i opened it i saw the two agents from before, holding their guns and looking tough. Dragons i thought to myself, i am glad i am different. I walked over to the cathedral enter point, As i swiped my keycard the door opened to allow me access to the decontamination room, It decontaminated me and let me access to the cathedral. I remember the smell in there, like the strongest cleaning agent you could imagine mixed with an acid like strong odor. I walked over to Clowra who had Tyaki opened up and was pumping Nuka into her tubes and valves. I peered inside of Tyaki and saw all kinds of wires, valves, circuitry and mechanic parts with fans and other do hickies. I was amazed by the amount of stuff put into this small Arctic Fox, I looked at Clowra and asked her, “What do you want my help with? I know nothing about what you are doing, i am a data engineer”, She looked at me smiling, then she giggled in a sweet and cute way, “No silly” she said “But you do want to be the one starting her up don’t you?”, I looked at her with a happy smile, i was ready to make a big difference on this planet. I was ready to be more than just another Spherix Dragon everyone hates. I could help invent and build one of the most advanced computers on earth and then be the one who activates her, that was what i had dreamt about. The dewar was now empty, Clowra removed it and put Tyaki’s side back on, gently screwing it back together. She walked off, i didn’t see where she went. I sat there on the table petting Tyaki’s beautiful fur and watching her gentle smile as she was unresponsive and looked dead. Clowra came back with a laptop and placed it on the table by Tyaki’s side, when she opened it up it was a command prompt, for M12 Project Society. I was ready to use it at her command, all i had to type was “//start”, That would startup the entire system, and create a new era of our planet.

And i would be the one to do it, it was like one of those dreams as a kid where you wanted to be an astronaut but everyone said that you would never do such a thing, then you ended up doing it anyway. I was given a smirk look by Clowra, she nodded at me and left the cathedral hastefully. I was alone with just Tyaki and my laptop, i could do it at my will. I wrote it in the command line “//start”, A huge wall of text appeared on the screen, black background and purple text. Not soon after she gave me a literal heart attack when she took a giant inhale and sit up like her life depended on it, which it sort of did. She was butt naked so she quickly realized that and grabbed the sheet which had now been blown off and hid her private region. She looked at me like i was a monster, her eyes wide open like she had seen a ghost and her body was shaking like a scared dog. She had never seen my kind before, she was scared shitless, she looked at me and asked “Where am i? and who are you?” I sat down and said calmly and with smooth movements in my tail in order to calm her, “Hey Tyaki, How do you feel?” She calmed down and realized i was driving a calm conversation and felt the moment as it struck her, “I feel quite good” she said calmly “I remember a bright light, i saw something be burned up, i remember screams” she said almost starting to cry. I smiled a little and tried to to calm her down saying “Don’t worry, you are safe here, you were killed 1800 years ago, we brought you back to live”, i quickly realized i did a mistake by pulling out so much information at once, i saw her react with heavy breathing and a shaky voice, “Killed?” she said “I am not dead, i am here” she added while still scared out of her own mind. I told her everything, the bomb that drove the human species to extinction and the ice age that followed, even that it sparked the life of 1000ths of new species most of them classified as dragons. She started to calm down knowing all of the in betweens and started asking many questions about what had been going on for so many years, i answered to the best of my ability before i told her, “We build you, my technology is inside of your head, i build your brain”, She was speechless. I asked if she wanted to have something to wear now she was completely naked, she was happy for the offer.

I signalled to Clowra in the observatory and she came calmly into the room with a Leather vest, designed specially for her. She gladly put it on with a little of my help, she managed to spot the M12 on it’s side printed into the leather, as well as the AnviOS logo. I took a moment asking her to sit down before petting her fur gently with the palm of my paw, she looked at me with an open mind and a little more calm than she woke up. I then told her, “You are the had of an supercomputer with ties to the entire planet, you see this wristband over by the table at the end of the room? That is your IDIC, this connects you to a huge array of satellites which can communicate with billions of pieces of technology on earth, the entire world and you are in the driving seat, you can change everything from the traffic lights to change the destination and even remote drive trains, cars and public transportation around the globe. You can change the world, you are the world and it is up to you what to do with it. You were made as a toy for the evil dictator Merloon Zania but i don’t want you to let him decide who you are. I want you to beat him, i want you at his position one day and i want you to change the world in doing so”. She was speechless again, too much information? I asked myself. She started to smile and look around as she had realized something i didn’t know about. She then turned to me waving her tail around, then she said “Am i mechanic too then? Completely, android?” I nodded at the statement. She smiled and looked at herself “I feel so real” she said. I nodded again and told her that i needed to do some tests to see how well my brain worked with her systems, the one i had build. She nodded and sat down worried looking at me like she had so many questions now. I then asked “How do you feel?” She looked at me and said “I feel great, like nothing ever happened”. I then asked “What is your full name and what are you called?” She looked at me the same again and said “Tyaki Silvertail Vatchy, but my friends calls me a nickname.

I am known to most by the name Mittie, it is Prex and taken from the word Mitty, that means cute or adorable, and people thought i was both so they started to call me Mittie” I smiled with an open mouth and asked happily “Are you a native speaker of the language Prex?”, She nodded and i added “Des evalo de quito mi ichily”, She looked at me like she couldn’t believe it and replied with “Zi, mi ichily”. I told her i was done here and slowly walked off thinking to myself about the future and what it might hold. She looked at me leave a second before she lay down on the table, i rare have met someone feral, a species who uses all four like our predecessors. But this would be an experience of a lifetime, and the start of a beautiful friendship.

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