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The last train departs in 20 minutes, New Hampden is one of the biggest cities in the 4th world, only topped by Raze itself. People are walking down the hallways trying to catch the next train out of the region or the last train into Raze in 20 minutes. Along the hallways and onto the platform a little white ferret in a yellow shirt and some blue jeans jumps along, she is in a hurry if she is gonna get the last train to Raze, nothing is with her today, not even the weather. “Excuse me!” She yells with her light reassuring voice as she sparks along the platform between mammals and reptiles alike. “GH 981 to Raze City International is departing from Platform 9 in 15 minutes” the announcer goes. the ferret with her blue tipped tail and ears can be seen for miles, but no one really cares right now she is not the only one darting to the train to Raze. “If i don’t get this one i can always catch the bus” she goes, little do she remember that no busses will depart to Raze this late. She dots into the train just as the doors closes, it won’t be another minute before it gets a green signal to drive off, so for the time being finding an empty spot is essential, the train station is huge, not as big as Raze, its build as one of the first buildings in the region, New Hampden started as a factory town for Raze before it became its own city 100s of years ago.

As the ferret finds herself a spot, the white walls, white leather seats with a black carpet in the train can be admired for a bit, you never known when you get another chance to try out the classic bad public transportation of New Hampden and Raze, it’s always so late spot on with the time that its usually gone before you get to board. The announcer starts “Welcome in the Velociraptor train to RCI, please ask your nearest employee if you have any questions along the journey, this will take us 2 hours and 40 minutes today, enjoy your travel, with Velociraptor transit”. Surely after the train departs the ferret gets a call, from the hospital. No timing could be worse, she needs another 3 hours to get home! She picks up the phone, her Dpad still has that broken screen from earlier today when she dropped it, it will survive but since it’s just an aluminum frame with a glass pane inside, it should be fixable… right? “Hey eh, Piwit? Where you at honey? We are flooded here, i asked you to join us 30 minutes ago?” It’s her boss at the hospital, so close yet so far, she panics before answering “Sorry, sorry sorry… sorry! I am never late, and never this far, the train was already gone when i arrived at the station i had to wait for the next, 3 hours and 10 minutes and i am there alright?” Her boss giggles a little, nothing new he is an odd fellow. “Yes, yes yes. Public transportation right? Be here not a second later, i have to go, sorry” he hangs up in a hurry, Piwit is becoming a little on edge. Never is she late, and especially not at work, the dead don’t do their own autopsies, if they did Piwit would be the first to patent it. “New passengers” the conductor goes waking her up of the day dreaming, she looks at the conductor and hands her ticket out to the nice fox in the silly uniform, she keeps her mouth shut and smiles, “do Velociraptor really have their employees walk around in that?

Good thing i am a doctor” she thinks to herself as the conductor walks off. She wonders what Cida makes the employees at Malaska wear, lab coats probably but the Malaska logo is so sweet! She relaxes as she keeps day dreaming before being jolted up minutes later by a mad crocodile and his girlfriend who is arguing the train thin, some things you can’t close your ears from, if not its a girlfriend and boyfriend its some friends who likes to argue of the amusement of others. With boys its a contest of who has the larger penis, who holds out the most. She madly thinks about that for some minutes before regretting her spot rental on the ticket she bought. Piwit is a very cheery individual, if anyone of her friends is up at arguing, it won’t last long with Piwit around, she should have been born rabbit, its a common stereotype of rabbits, cheery and happy, energetic, 3 things Piwit has in the plenty. Back at her youth the only thing she wanted to do was making people’s day a little happier. Well, she succeeded in that, and even in her young adulthood she became a doctor to make more people happy, now she is working mostly with the dead, and she don’t think they care how much she cares for them, though a nice night at the morgue talking to her dead friends can make any grey day bright. “Dr. Macadamia” she thinks “That does sound nice.” She daydreams about her work, that’s not unusual. It seems every time she daydreams of something new something else wakes up her attention. The train arrives at a station somewhere, she isn’t sure where. Some drunk dragon and his reptile friend bashes in the door, beer in hand and yelling about candyfloss and vodka, interesting. She thinks about the many drunk accidents that gets people killed, more customers for her as they say. This late drunk people the plenty, not Piwit’s cup of tea. As Piwit tries to get some sleep the stench of the reptile from before vomiting all of the floor wakes her up, not  that it’s the worst bodily fluid she have ever seen. “Ohoy! I got the wrong bus!” The reptile goes before getting helped to seat by his dragon friend.

“Yes, this is the wrong bus on rails” Piwit thinks, “my life derailed the moment i bought this seat ticket”. As she tries to slumber a little, her thoughts goes to many subjects, her work per usual and her boss who never does anything important, and the complaining of patients at work, mostly her boring free time, she wanna get into gaming, but is worried that a 20 year old gamer is odd, she has no idea about the world of gaming either. Nothing makes sense in this train, there is too much noise to sleep here, as she looks out the window it’s obvious that she is already in Raze, but it will be another 40 minutes of city scenery before she arrives at the RCI.

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