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Hi, my name is Vel, i am not that special, I am 24 years old, male… my best friend is a homosexual with a liking for dark humor, i am a red squirrel, born in 4022 in a little town called Midt Orange, Yes that is actually what the city was called, oh yeah… and i died yesterday in a car crash. This one might need some explaining so… bare with me here, I had a great day yesterday it was my niece birthday. I woke up at 6 AM opening my eyes to the birds chirping outside and opening the window for a beautiful dawn over the glassy skyscrapers of New Hampden. That is where i live by the way, my niece lives in Raze City so i had to grab the car later for a trip to Raze, ah don’t worry it was only a 2 hour drive, in the morning traffic ofcause. I went and grabbed some nice oatmeal as a breakfast i had to be quick about it my car was charging. I like to put syrup and strawberries on my oatmeal it was nice, but i had to wash up before i went so off with my clothes and into the shower, which for some reason didn’t have any cold water so i froze my face and my privates a bit not knowing that, thanks PM! PM is the Public Maintenance, yeah for my entire life PM has been in control over everything from utilities to private information, PM is ofcause the AnviOS. Well… turns out there was a warm water outage in my area of New Hampden so i had to grab a shower at Lily’s. Lily is my niece, and she is very sweet and the only part of my family not a squirrel. You see she was adopted into the family, she is a forest skunk but don’t let that fool you, she is the most wonderful person besides my best friend Qwelver, I know Irish name he is from the northern part of Ireland, from Rashed.

My car was charged now, so i opened the door, beautiful glassy door and sat there in the rounded seats facing the left side windows, i asked the car to start driving me to Lily’s address and it went on it’s marry way, now i opened the table and used my laptop to do some work. I am a freelance architect i have worked with big firms before and was doing it again, designing a new server center for PM, that was a wild task that i never thought i would be doing. You may ask… 24 and architect wow, you must be a freshman and yes, i finished last year and already i have been one of the designers behind Archipelago Towers in Raze City. In my era Architects aren’t thought so much in math and material arts as they are in creativity, in our age we don’t need to know much about materials we have dedicated people for that all we need to do is know how to use a pen and paper, or the very least a Directo Pad, yeah D-Pads are everywhere, invented by some russian tech startup back in the day a little dragon took over and transformed the world using its technology, anyway glad i have it.

I arrived at Lily’s around 9 AM, she was setting up for her part and i went in there like… Qwelver was sitting there talking to her like he owned the place, seemed quite annoyed that i had to dump in, Her kitchen was lit by the morning sunshine in her huge space, the guy who made this knew what he was doing, big windows and light able to travel all the way to the back of the place and bounce off the white walls lighting the place from morning to late afternoon. She lives on the 7th floor so the view is amazing, i live in a parcel what can i say. 

Lily was backing a cake for the party, Qwelver was doing nothing as usual, a polar bear what do you expect, an Irish polar bear oh boy. Lily looked at me before running towards me like the cheery-o she is and giving out the biggest hug she can before whispering in my ear she needs milk for the cake and that i was the newest to enter the room, therefor i was the one to go buy it. If anyone else had asked me to i wouldn’t have but for her, anything really. Qwelver laughing as he does telling me to “Whimper out ye old car” Mine are quite new compared you know. I said “Alright, alright for you the birthday kid” even though she is not really a kid anyone, she is 8, yeah i know what you are thinking, she is 8 and bakes her own cakes… yes why would you think that i was more like.. she is 8 and she lives alone? Ofcause not silly her parents was out to get her present, my sister who don’t worry is a squirrel like me. Qwelver was waiting for sis to get back so i figured, if i buy milk now and sis gets home having milk with her i am gonna get pissed. But anyway what can i do so here i was heading back out to me car.

I got in and said “Maceys please” and the car went and started driving along towards Maceys, i didn’t even know if they opened before 10 AM. I got a little further and being that cars here are self driving i had no issue picking up the phone when sis called asking me if i was at Lily’s place, my sister and her used to be mate parted from each other so now they have this sorta “Share a flat” where Lily is the only permanent resident so that is why we call it Lily’s place, and yes i told her i was going to Maceys for milk as promised, i didn’t get to finish that sentence ofcause when a truck came out of nowhere, non-driverless at that and rammed by car by a sideroad so hard that it skidded to opposite traffic and was hit by another car going 60 in the other direction. The doors was torn, the tables flew out of the back window and i broke my neck 4 place, died instantly on impact. They say you shit yourself when you die and… it’s true. It was pretty scary… i stood there watching my body in the tangled mess of a vehicle, within 4 minutes DIP and HS was on scene, i saw them open the car like a can of baked beans and drag out my lifeless corpse like i was a doll, blood running down the door like a fucking horror flick.

Suddenly i was ripped away from reality and i stopped watching myself and started reflecting on it, every meaningful moment in my life passed before my eyes and there i ended up in a lake, in a black place with only me and this lake that didn’t make me wet somehow, the water just pearled off me like it was quicksilver. Then i opened my eyes to find myself in a cave, around me was orange and red rock as well as glowing red crystals and broken old pieces of skeleton was scattered around the cave. I gasp for air as i get up butt naked, dicks out and everything and i quickly hide my decency in my bushy tail, what i wouldn’t do for a pair of pants. Then it came… my worst fucking nightmare, fur as grey as a werewolf, teeth that looked like a vampire and a moon monster from a children’s book had a baby don’t ask my mind is pretty fucked up. It had this long long spiky tail like a mace but with spikes of red tips all along it, like a spherix dragon but… not quite? Big pointy ears and these big yellow eyes, it was wearing a purple vest and a pair of black pants, and a red t-shirt, her voice was nice though it was soft and sweet but quickly scary by its commanding tone. 

“You are lucky mr Val” she said “You are a type 4 resident, welcome to the under realm” I just started screaming sitting here on me bare arse wanting to just beg her not kill me but i figured… I am already dead. This is it… She is a hunter from the under realm and i am here… Forever. My heart rate went off the charts and as soon as i saw her eyes… i missed Lily, i will never see her or sis again. This is the end of me, and today here i am, the day after, preparing for a new life of torture and hatred for myself. No happy ending sorry, maybe next time.

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